Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Marine Corps Birthday Ball

Rick and Wanna with our hosts Staff Sergeant Tim Wehrli and his wife Kwan.
To honor the Marine Corps' 241st birthday, we joined the celebration with about 200 Iowa-based Marines, spouses and other special guests. The unit, consisting of 75 Marines, supports the recruiting mission in Iowa and Nebraska. It was our first time ever to enjoy the ball in the U.S. Previously, we had attended a string of observances in Bangkok. My lasting impression: Even in Iowa, these folks are exposed to the world. They have either been to, or are going to, exciting postings overseas. The Wehrli's will soon be off to the Orient. (Des Moines 2016)
Flashback to a Bangkok ball in the early 1990s, with Vichien Prichanant, the CBS Bureau's fixer.
The symbolic "missing man" table setting honors all lost Marines.