Sunday, March 29, 2015

Lusitania Journey Remembered

Christian Fredericksen arrived from Denmark more than 108 years ago to start his family in America. It wasn't until this year (2015) that his grandsons, Rick and Garry, had his diary fully translated. It happened to be the centennial year of the glorious ocean liner's disastrous sinking off the coast of Ireland. I recently visited my grandfather for the first time, in Harlan, Iowa. The diary has been donated to the Museum of Danish America. Chris's story is told in this link to Iowa Public Radio.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

War College Class of 2015

It is an honor to have a seat at the table with tomorrow's leaders. I was nominated, and have been selected, to join the War College's Class of 2015 for their final week. The National Security Seminar is a policy dialogue between military and civilian leaders. To help me prepare, send your thoughts on foreign policy and military relations. Please send me an email. I'm really grateful for this privileged opportunity.